ChannelPRO Mobile simplifies,amplifies and mobilizes your brand intelligence to elevate high-performing teams and channel partners

“The best designed training architecture for today embraces many types of content, it collects data on interactions and activities, it uses intelligent systems to promote content and monitor employee usage, and it is personalized for everyone.”

- Guillermo Miranda, Chief Learning Officer of IBM [2018]

ChannelPRO Mobile simplifies, amplifies and mobilizes your brand intelligence to drive high-performing teams and channel partners

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Our Core Solutions
make more superstars

SUPERSTARS today are mobile and connected. By providing elite B2B solutions, ChannelPRO creates more SUPERSTARS by empowering them with the tools to outperform.

Creating exceptionally well-trained teams and partners, further empowering them to outperform. We deliver differentiated learning that strengthens human assets, and we don’t stop there. We also transform and mobilize this content for continual everyday engagement by specific teams, departments or events to be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • ChannelPRO elevates how your company delivers information to staff and channel partners with an unmatched level of immediacy and engagement.
  • Your best performers aren’t waiting for emails and faxes to act – they know success is linked to information, and mobility of brand intelligence gives you a huge advantage.
  • Workers everywhere have a common device in their pocket or purse – a smartphone – and ChannelPRO’s mobile-centric solutions deliver a high level of amplification to corporate communications.
  • CEOs and leaders of organizations can disseminate critical in-app messages to global and dispersed employees that will get noticed and read with far greater frequency than traditional efforts.

Our solutions are focused around six critical business needs

  • Ongoing, interactive ‘product and process’ training experiences on any device, anytime.
  • Instructional design re-imagined for ALL learning preferences.
  • Allow teams to train anywhere (even offline).
  • Jump between web and mobile
  • Gain peer insights, and dynamic testing.
  • The only solution to combine modern learning with ongoing mobile sales enablement.
  • B2B and B2B2C mobile enablement to maximize post-training impact and success.
  • Helps frontline salespeople add value and expertise with immediate access to ‘just-in-time’ content, to close more deals and provide better support.
  • Our Sales Companion™ apps pick up where the training leaves off to maximize productivity and ROI.
  • Native mobile apps– with identical websites for computers.
  • Access to content anywhere, anytime, even offline.
  • A significant upgrade to responsive websites.
  • Content is downloaded to personal devices, available everywhere - offline too.
  • Real-Time Content Management (CMS) to update or replace any and all written content, collateral, videos and images.
  • PitchPRO is a new “dynamic deck” allowing teams to easily build and edit presentations that can dramatically improve results.
  • Unlike tools like PowerPoint, PitchPRO is simple to use, easy to edit on the fly, and brings a WOW factor back to presenting.
  • Armed with PitchPRO, sales teams are better prepared to inspire any audience, in any setting.
  • Easily shared via website with clients post meeting, with tracking.
  • Increase awareness and participation.
  • Contest based, Point Based, Hero Tiers.
  • Omnipresent on all devices, always logged in.
  • Makes participation as easy as possible to generate excitement with your sellers.
  • Prize wheels and incentive tools to amplify the rewards impact.
  • Capture, Track, Rank, Quick views, Export and API.
  • Behavioral Machine Learning.
  • Reporting that extends what you know about individual users beyond just “registered and graduates”.
  • Track continued interactions with the training or sales content, like views, shares, download, rankings, and more.

Advanced Learning & Training

ChannelPRO makes training a strategic business advantage.

Sales teams today are consuming training content in vastly different ways than they did fifteen years ago when 77% of people preferred to read to learn something new. Today only 13% of people prefer reading to learn something new.

With the media mix explosion of the past decade it’s easy to see why 31% of people now prefer VIDEO to learn, while another 29% prefer AUDIO, 13% who still prefer READING and 27% learn best while interacting KINESTHETICALLY with the material.

The new acronym is VARK and ChannelPRO addresses all four primary learning preferences, which maximizes transfer of knowledge compared to eLearning.

We have specifically engineered our content to be consumed in 12-15 minutes modules to fit with today’s busy schedules. Teams can jump from device-to-device while maintaining progress in shorter bursts. Content features strong instructional design, concise copy, integrated peer tips, burst videos, interactive testing, and reinforcement throughout.

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Inspiring Content

Concise copy, 30-second burst videos, interactive collateral and a better balance of experiential media to anchor learning. Modules designed to take less than 15 min each.

Dynamic Content

For those who have different learning tracks for different departments, we can deliver custom versions of the solution to varios audiences and identify role during registration.

Content Management / Updates

Full featured CMS allowing you to update and optimize any and all content and collateral in near real-time across Web, iOS and Android.

Expedited Registration

Nothing kills the performance of a training strategy quicker than a lengthy registration and onboarding path. We get learners training within 30 seconds.

CROSS- DEVICE Progress tracking

We produce three separate versions of the training. Apple devices, Android devices, and Web to maximize the training potential of each device.

Easy and Intuitive

Just as we use apps like Uber to locate a ride or like Doordash to order food, professional training and sales support should be as easy and intuitive to accomplish the goals of SELLING.


ChannelPRO optimizes training investments and enables strong selling performances.

ChannelPRO features an unequaled B2B enablement platform extending sales training success post-diploma or graduation. Our mobile-centric platform allows businesses to keep critical content and updated brand intelligence 'front-and-center' with sales teams and channel partners.

Our mobile Sales Companion™ is a frictionless enablement platform that accelerates access to just in time intelligence and tools allowing your teams to be the expert anytime. The only solution with a full featured Content Management (CMS) system to easily edit or update all media, across all platforms in real-time. Designed to aid and augment return on investment for all training and onboarding initiatives.

“If you want to amp up your sales force to engage effectively with today’s buyer, you need a modern enablement program – one that has training and rep readiness core to its strategy.”

Mary Shea, principal analyst at Forrester Research.
“What Sales Readiness Strategies Matter Most for B2B Sellers?”


Burst Video, Advisor Insights™, Custom Collateral, Tactical Product info, Interactive Tools and more enable smarter sales teams.


Our solution differs with custom, native versions for Web, Apple and Android, allowing you to maximize the capabilities of each device.


The Sales Companion toolbox builds selling confidence as teams have easy access to a wealth of data on brands and products, allowing them to become selling experts.


With all mobile content downloaded to personal devices, there is no need for Wi-Fi or cell service.


The Sales Companion toolbox allows you to combine coaching with training content to overcome retention issues and increase sales performance.


Traditional rewards and incentive programs are plagued by low awareness, nominal participation and inconsistent sales submission activity. Administration challenges result in many programs losing momentum and ultimately result in poor ROI.

ChannelPRO’s platform has simplified enrollment, access, cross-platform integration, increased participation and fulfillment. Our solution brings strategic value to incentive program investments by increasing loyalty with top sales performers.


Create multiple rewards and incentive programs with either points or contests

Easy Access

Once enrolled and downloaded, sales teams stay logged-in and can access from any device. All data is fully integrated into Sales Companion™

Spot Contests

Ignite seasonal activity with 30 or 60 day contests and incentivize increased performance


To attract and nurture users by enhancing interactions with them and offering them unexpected rewards and prizes


A proprietary element to our platform elevating sales team participation and fun


Participants are rewarded in a timely manner, building spirit and enthusiasm


The painful and inconsistent "deck" needed a facelift.

  • ChannelPRO’s PitchPRO™ presentation-builder software enables every salesperson to close more deals with professional and inspiring slides anchored by our design theory
  • PitchPRO is simple to use, easy to edit on-the-fly, and specifically designed to create break-through presentations
  • Sales teams can deliver differentiated and visually-engaging content customized to each prospective customer
  • PitchPRO goes beyond copy and images by adding the same WOW factor videos, audio and interactive elements featured in ChannelPRO’s software
  • Salespeople are more confident and better prepared to engage with customers and pivot with the audience in real time
  • Sales and marketing leaders can ensure consistent delivery of key messages, images, product specifications and more, while still allowing presenters to customize their pitch
  • These benefits ladder up to a better buying experience and competitive differentiator

Actionable Analytics

ChannelPRO data drives decisions & performance.

  • ChannelPRO’s analytics dashboard visually tracks, analyzes, and displays key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Leaders can monitor activity, performance and the overall health of each program
  • The password-protected dashboard visualizes strategic data and is accessed from any device
  • The dashboard presents management with information needed for reporting and adding relevance to messaging


Meet the Leadership Team

Changing the dynamic of activating sales from the B2B channel.

Jonathan Cooper CEO/Founder

Jonathan Cooper & Charles Lewis recently co-founded ChannelPRO to change the dynamic of activating sales from the B2B channel. Jonathan, an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience launching early platforms for major tech and media companies in NYC.

Charles Lewis Co-founder ChannelPRO

Chuck has over 25 years taking products from the whiteboard or the napkin to sales execution into the marketplace and Wall Street. Chuck's passion is elevating the sales process to provide positive results for all facets of the sales channel. Together they launched ChannelPRO with the goal of changing the way organizations think about driving sales performance.


Truly could not be where we are today without these PRO’s.

Frank Sillen Vice President,
General Manager European Office

Frank Sillen General Manager European Office who makes all the magic happen.

Chris van Workum Lead Software Engineer

Chris leads our team of exceptional programmers and coders across all platforms and solutions.

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